Cassia Hamsa Earrings
Cassia Hamsa Earrings

Cassia Hamsa Earrings

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These gorgeous Earrings were oh so lovely to find! With a sparkly WOW factor & featuring the sought after Hamsa Hand & Aretes Evil Eye combo, these are definitely everything BOHO CHIC 🙌🏻

A lovely shade of beige, an the eye capturing colours of the evil eye make these the perfect addition to any evening outfit or the cherry to top off casual day time wear!

We’ve only had 5 of these beauties made for us so they’re extra special! 

Its all in the symbol........

The Hamsa Hand is a protective sign, it brings its owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune.

Wearing the Evil Eye guards against misfortune happening in ones life. It protects from any ill-will that could have a negative effect on your well being.

The evil eye colour is light blue symbolising :

*general protection

*Broadening your perspective 

*Solitude and peace